Cecilia Rinn can provide you with the highest quality Raqs Sharki (belly dance) for your  family celebrations.Either as a solo dancer, or with her performing group the Starbelly Dancers, Cecilia can liven up any party or gathering.  Treat yourself!  You deserve it!

“Cecilia is an intoxicating dancer, an intelligent provocative film maker and an interesting choreographer. WOW! How does she do it?”— Myra Krien

“Cecilia is one of the most talented performers in Boise, and in all of Idaho! She brings visual beauty to the art of dance. Her original costumes add to the perfection of her art.”~Gloria Skurzynski, Author

“Cecilia brings an integrity and professionalism to all her endeavors that is rare to find these days. I look forward to continued creative collaborations. Cecilia was one of the first “creative performance types” I met in Boise back in 1997. We were in a briefly in a band called the Gypsy Flames. I was immediately struck by her energy and commitment to putting out quality and engaging entertainment in the form of music and dance for any appreciative audience.”~Oliver Thompson, violin/mandolin, recording, producing, bandleader

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Cecilia with the Fleet Street Klezmer Band at the Big Bad-Ass Belly Dance Show

Cecilia Rinn


Cecilia has been belly dancing professionally since 1995. Before falling in love with Middle Eastern dance, Cecilia studied ballet, modern, and other forms of dance for 18 years prior to belly dance.  Cecilia has performed as a featured dancer across the country including, the prestigious “Invaders of the Heart” world class show in Santa Fe, NM.  In Boise and all over Idaho, Cecilia has delighted audiences at various restaurants, fairs, festival, events, fundraisers, weddings, bridal showers, and private parties. Currently she is a featured soloist a Sofia’s Greek Bistro performing the 3rd Saturday of every month.  Cecilia prefers to dance to live music and has had the honor of performing with some of the best musicians in the country including  House of Tarab (Seattle), Brothers of the Balidi, Arabesque (Portland),Karim Nagi(Chicago)  & currently she dances and plays percussion for the Fleet Street Klezmer Band (Boise).


Cecilia embodies the passion & joy of belly dance. She loves to share that joy by bringing entertaining, spirited and professional belly dance to a multitude of celebrations. Cecilia is sought after instructor, teaching classes and workshops both locally (Boise, Idaho) and nationally.  She also performs with the “Starbelly Dancers”, her elite performing group that represents the best of her belly dance school, “Starbelly School of Dance”.  Cecilia produces the epic theatrical belly dance event The Big Bad-Ass Belly Dance Show at the Visual Arts Collective currently in its 8thyear.  Cecilia ran the Starbelly SEEDs(Self –Esteem, Empowerment, & Education Through Dance) program for at risk teenage girls in 2013 & 2014 and plans to run another session in 2018.  In 2016 she hosted legendary dancer Delilah and her band House of Tarab for workshops and a show at the Sapphire Room,  in 2017 she hosted Karim Nagi, and in 2018 she plans to host Myra Krien.


Along with belly dancing, Cecilia is an award-winning, filmmaker & graphic artist with her production company Full Tilt Boogie L.L.C. “BELLY: Sensual, Scarred, Sacred” Cecilia’s feature documentary about belly dancers, has toured the country after a successful premiere at the 2008 Idaho International Film festival. Cecilia has a Bachelor’s of Science, Social Science degree from Boise State University, and is also a professional seamstress and belly dance costume designer, and creates all the costumes for her performance company, The Starbelly Dancers, and her students of Starbelly School of Dance.



Contact Cecilia or call 208.891.6609