The Starbelly Dancers are nationally recognized belly dance artists from  Boise, Idaho. Specializing in Traditional, Modern, & Fusion  Style Belly Dance, they are available to entertain at  family-friendly celebrations, festivals, and main stage events. The Starbelly Dancers aim to perform exquisite belly dance and share truly inspirational art with our community.

The 2020 Starbelly Dancers are Artistic Director and Principle Dancer, Cecilia Rinn, with Soloists Chad Rinn, Tori King, Jessica Mareena, Bayla Night & Cassandra Joan.

 Interested in booking the finest quality belly dancers for your next event? Click HERE for more information or call Cecilia at 208.891.6609.

All of the Starbelly Dancers are highly trained in the popular belly dance styles of today. Learn more about each soloist below.