Starbelly Dancers Principle Company

The Featured Starbelly Dancers are professional belly dance artists from the Boise, Idaho area. Specializing in Traditional, Modern and Tribal Style Belly Dance, they are available to entertain at your family-friendly celebrations. The Starbelly Dancers aim to perform exquisite belly dance and share with our community truly inspirational art.

The 2018 Principle Starbelly Dancers are Cecilia Rinn, who is the Artistic Director and Featured Soloist, and Soloists Chad Rinn, Amy Iris, Jessica Marie, Tori King, and Bailey Slone. Interested in booking the finest quality belly dancers for your next event? Click HERE for more information or call Cecilia at 208.891.6609.

All of the Starbelly Dancers are highly trained in the popular belly dance styles of today. Learn more about each soloist below.

Amy Iris is proud to excel in a wide variety of styles, including traditional Raq Sharki, Romani Fusion, Turkish, and Tribal. Amy epitomizes dedication and joy in her dance and placed third in the Semi-Professional category of Sagra’s 2017 International Ambassador Competition.

Jessica Marie can’t wait to beguile you with her melodic and modern style that blends effortlessly with the Middle Eastern melodies.  She excels with both traditional and modern Egyptian, Tribal, American Cabaret, and Fusion stylizations.

Tori has trained extensively in ballet and contemporary dance but truly found a home in Mid East traditional dance styles and techniques. She truly shines at the folkloric styles of Saidi, Raqs Asaya, and Tahtib, and the more modern Tribal, Lyrical Fusion and American Cabaret styles of Belly Dance.

Bailey is a wonderful new addition to the Starbelly Dancers Principle group were she  is currently an apprentice. Her background in competitive gymnastics, makes her a powerful, yet graceful dancer.

Please contact Cecilia or call 208.891.6609 for information about or to book the Starbelly Dancers for shows.