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Hire a belly dancer( Raqs Sharki artist)

  • We can accept CASH, paypal, credit and debit card. CASH Preferred.
  • A) A safe and adequate space for the performer shall be provided. This includes a floor or stage space that is free of broken glass, spilled liquids, or other hazardous objects. This also includes an environment that is free of harassment of a sexual nature or otherwise. If the performers deem the environment unsafe for the above reasons, they may leave without rendering services. In that case, the client will still be responsible for paying the full amount. B) A sound system with IPOD playing capabilities and/or IPOD docking station shall be provided, preferably in the same room in which the performance is to take place. * Starbelly can provide portable stereo if requested. C) Often the performers will have more than one engagement per night, so it is important that the show start at the agreed upon time. It is important to pay the performer(s) in a timely manner once services have been rendered. If the performers are required to wait more than 30 minutes after the show for payment, an extra charge of $50 will apply. Please help us to get out the door on time so that we can remain on schedule. If Client cancels booking less than 14 days in advance, they will be charged half their regular fee. If Client cancels dancer the day of the booked show, then client will be charged full price. D) Photos and Videos are welcomed and encouraged. Photos and video of the event can be posted or shared as you like. We will also stay a few minutes after the show to make ourselves available for more photos.