Chad has a true passion for sharing the power, grace, dynamic art of belly dance. He is thrilled to be a male dancer in Idaho and loves to entertain at a mixture of festivals, art events, and family celebrations!

Chad Rinn began Belly Dancing after being a fan for many years; he first performed with his wife, Cecilia Rinn, at Fusion Fest in 2010.  Soon after that performance he began training an average of 12-15 hours a week.  He has been a member of the Starbelly Dancers for 5 years, doing solos and professional performances for over a year.  He is teaching many of the classes at Starbelly School of Dance, where he is also the co-director.  Along with dance, Chad is also a fiction writer, filmmaker, comic artist, and handball champion.  Chad has practiced Toltec Energy Dance for over 20 years and enjoys fusing Toltec movements with belly dance.  

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Chad is recovering from a severe knee injury. He is still creating art, though! Check out some of his graphic novel pages.