The Big Bad-Ass Belly Dance Show

The 8th Annual Big Bad-Ass Belly Dance Show: Starbelly Universe will be Friday & Saturday Feb. 23rd & 24th, 2018!

Travel across the Starbelly Universe, through an eclectic mix of Middle Eastern Dance styles set to popular Western and Arabic music.  The Starbelly Dancers perform an emotional dance journey through the stars and into the mysteries of the human soul. 

Starbelly Universe brings you an exciting mix of traditional and modern Raqs Sharqi (belly dance) from the Treasure Valley’s best belly dance artist: Cecilia & Chad Rinn, Tori King, Jessica Marie, Amy Iris, Baley Slone, Tracy Lay, Sarah Barker, and the Starbelly Dancers along with live music performances by Fleet Street Klezmer Band, Leslie Mandigo, Erik Messal &  Jen Potcher.

Mark your calendars! Details and tickets sales available soon!

Videos clips from previous shows: