Starbelly Dancers

Starbelly Dancers

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The 2016 Starbelly Dancers

“Starbelly Dancers” consists of the professional (Featured Dancers) and  apprentice performing group of Starbelly School of Dance. Our professional Belly Dance (Raqs Sharqi) performances are not only well received, but are often the high-point of any celebration. Our shows are appropriate for all ages, and we always draw a large crowd with our knack for audience participation, and our dedicated fan base.

Starbelly Dancers” The group comes together regardless of gender, age, body type, range of experience, economic strata, profession, belief systems, etc. to dance, to surrender to an experience larger than themselves and to be the very best dancer and person they can be.

The current 2016 “Starbelly Dancers” are Professional dancers; Cecilia Rinn, Tracy Lay, Sarah Barker & Chad Rinn. Principle dancers;  Amy Iris Jessica Geiger, & Alyssa Kimm, Principle Apprentice Tori King. Company dancers; Rio Love, Linda Cates & Kat Deters.  Apprentice dancers;  Heather, Janet, Sara, & Kristen.

The Starbelly Dancers have been performing locally for 6 years, and the featured Dancers Cecilia & Tracy have been dancing both locally and nationally for over 20 years.  Most of the funds the group bring in through performances and tips, go to help fund the scholarship and financial aid programs at Starbelly School of Dance. They also donate their performances to many local fundraisers and community building events. The Starbelly Dancers, along with being a great performing group, is also a mentor-ship program for up and coming dancers to learn not only how to be Professional Raqs Sharqi Dancers, but also how to provide their community truly inspirational art.

Professional Dancers

The Featured Starbelly Dancers are professional belly dancers from the Boise, Idaho area. Specializing in traditional belly dance and are available to entertain for your family-friendly celebrations and functions. In the event that more dancers are needed, we also book the top professional dancers in the area to provide the highest quality entertainment for you and your guests.

Check our SHOWS page regularly for upcoming performances and dance related events. We’d love to see you there!

Interested in booking the finest quality belly dancers for your next event? Click HERE for more information or call Cecilia at 208.891.6609.

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Cecilia Rinn

Cecilia embodies the passion & joy of belly dance.  She loves to share that joy by bringing entertaining, spirited and professional belly dance to a multitude of celebrations. Cecilia is sought after instructor, and teaches classes and workshops both locally (Boise, Idaho) and nationally with her belly dance school “StarBelly School of Dance” including her student/mentored group the “The Starbelly Dancers”. For Cecilia’s complete information please go HERE.  To hire Cecilia and/or The Starbelly Dancers please click to our Hire a Dancer page or call 208.891.6609

“Cecilia lives through Bellydance….is Bellydance. The knowledge base is very thorough, and her passion is very spirited. As a teacher and/or performer, Cecilia is a professional through and through”.~Jared Hallock

“I own a local tea room where Cecilia and the gang dance regularly. Not only are they great fun, but they always bring in a good crowd, which is good for my business.”~ Bob Hodge

“Cecilia Rinn is not only a beautiful, lovely, and talented performer and belly dancer, but she is also a true and kind woman with a very open heart. I would recommend working with her and/or hiring her for any project you have in mind. She is truly amazing!” ~Blume Bauer

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Tracy Lay

Tracy Lay
has been studying Middle Eastern dance since 1997. Over the years she has developed a deep affinity and passion for Egyptian dance styles, and she is a baladi girl at heart. Her dancing reflects her adoration of Egyptian music and culture – soft yet precise, lush and joyfully bittersweet.

Tracy’s personal mission: “To be the go-to dancer in the Treasure Valley for authentic-feeling Egyptian style dance by: a) continuing to improve my own education in the culture, music and dances of the region, b) sharing what I know with my students, and c) providing joyful and culturally appropriate performances for educational and arts events, community outreach, and Middle Eastern and North African family celebrations.

To hire Tracy  please click HERE.

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Sarah Barker


Sarah Barker has been entertaining the Treasure Valley for over 20 years with classic Cabaret style belly dance. Over the years she has expanded her repertoire offering Tribal Fusion, Modern Egyptian, Gypsy Tambourine, Cane, Candles, and her personal favorite Sword.  Performing at a variety of venues with Nejwah’s World of Dance, and more recently as a soloist within Idaho’s dance community. Whether the music is recorded or live, Sarah’s love for Middle Eastern dance reflects in her energy she brings to the stage.

To hire Sarah please click HERE.


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Chad Rinn

Chad Rinn
began Belly Dancing after being a fan for many years; he first performed with his wife, Cecilia Rinn, at Fusion Fest in 2010.  Soon after that performance he began training an average of 12-15 hours a week.  He has been a member of the Starbelly Dancers for 5 years, doing solos and professional performances for over a year.  He is teaching many of the classes at Starbelly School of Dance, where he is also the co-director.  Along with dance, Chad is also a fiction writer, filmmaker, comic artist, and handball champion.  Chad has practiced Toltec Energy Dance for over 20 years and enjoys fusing Toltec movements with belly dance.  Chad has a true passion for sharing the love of belly dance with all genders and ages, and is happy to be a male dancer in Idaho and loves to teach kids and adults alike.

To hire Chad  please click HERE.

Principle Dancers

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Amy Iris

Amy put on a hip scarf for the first time when she was 5. She belly danced off and on in the Treasure Valley till she reached high school. Amy began dancing with Starbelly School of Dance in 2013 and began an apprenticeship with the Starbelly Dancers in December of 2013. She is currently a primary dancer in the Starbelly Dancers program. Although she loves all forms of Oriental dance, she has been drawn to the Turkish style of dance. Amy is a lively, charismatic dancer and is becoming a skilled zills musician.Amy loves her place at Starbelly and is aspiring to become a professional, solo dancer. She hopes to teach at Starbelly someday under Cecilia Rinn.


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Jessica Gieger

Jessica had danced to the rhythm of her own drum until she discovered Raqs Sharki at age 14.  She felt a spark of passion as the rhythm of her drum blended effortlessly with the Middle Eastern melodies.  After 12 years of dabbling in dance, Jessica desired structure and discipline to help guide her focus.  She joined StarBelly School of Dance in 2012, where her gentle demeanor and strong sense of self flourished.  Jessica is currently a primary dancer with the StarBelly Dancers, excelling in Egyptian and Turkish stylizations.  She aspires to be a professional soloist under StarBelly, to always honor the passion within herself, and to inspire others to find the melodies that spark a passion within themselves.



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Alyssa Kimm


Alyssa has been pursuing balance and joy through the study of middle eastern dance for the past 3 years. She is honored to be part of the performance group “Starbelly Dancers” and to continue as a student at Starbelly School of Dance. For Alyssa belly dance has transcended exercise and become an outlet to share a sense of community and fun with her brothers and sisters in dance as well as the audience.




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Toni King


Tori is thrilled to be a member of the talented Starbelly Dancers. She has trained extensively in ballet and contemporary dance but truly found a home in Mid East traditional dance styles and techniques. If you’re ever trying to pick Tori out of a lineup, nine times out of ten she is the one making a funny face trying to get someone to smile/pay attention to her. Outside of the dancing world, Tori is quick to discuss comic books, butchering, and the cultural initiatives around the Treasure Valley.



Company Dancers

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Kat & Linda

has been dancing with Starbelly school for 6 years. Kat enjoys all forms of dance, especially Turkish and Egyptian. She loves dancing with her 6 year old daughter, who has been dancing with Starbelly school for about 1 year. Kat is a soft tissue therapist, and her understanding/ appreciation of the human body lends itself to this beautiful art form. She sees dance as a way to connect the emotional and physical bodies, and strengthen the bond.

Linda  has been an enthusiastic student of the Starbelly School of Dance for 5 years, including 2 as a member of the Starbelly Dancers. She has a love for the art, the comradery, the health benefits, and of course the glitter, of Raqs Sharqi dance. She hopes that her enthusiasm encourages others to take a chance and do something that excites the senses and see how rewarding it can be.

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Rio has been free form dancing in one form or another for 29 years. In 2014 he decided to try choreographed dance, and started training in Toltec Energy dance with Chad Rinn. It wasn’t long after that he decided to follow one of his dreams of performing on stage. In 2015 he joined the Starbelly School of dance Belly dance troupe, and has been performing at various festivals and restaurants for close to a year and a half. His passion for movement and music shows up in his dedication to dance. His styles include Toltec, Turkish, Egyptian, Tathib, Saidi, and various others.


Apprentice Dancers

Kristen sm


Kristen started belly dancing at Starbelly School of Dance about 2 years ago, and has been performing with the Starbelly Dancers for 6 months. She has been singing and acting in opera and musical theater for 15 years, and currently performs with Opera Idaho, Boise Philharmonic Master Chorale, and as a paid church musician. She has two college degrees in Music: Voice Performance and wants to be a (belly dancing) music librarian if she ever decides to grow up. Kristen enjoys bringing grace and expression to all different art forms.



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In fall of 2013 Heather was a freshmen student at Boise State University with her eyes firmly set on big dreams. Inspired by seeing the Star Belly Dancers perform at a local festival, Heather had to try it. She began taking lessons from Star Belly’s director Cecilia Rinn, never having taken any formal dance classes Heater was very apprehensive and almost didn’t show up to her first class! Hooked on Oriental dance after just an hour-long lesson, she made it a weekly hobby. Now four years later Heather has graduated from university and enjoys dancing, learning, performing and growing on a more full time basis as a Star Belly apprentice dancer.


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Janet started studying belly dance back in 2005 with the Amaja School of Dance. She studied there for a couple of years but took a break. At the end of 2014 she saw Starbelly School of Dance performing at the International Market and she was hooked again. She has a great love for music and dance and Raks Sharki has become a very important part of her life. She plans to be a part of the Starbelly family as long as she can and hopes that through dance she can bring happiness and inspiration to others.



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Sara is thrilled for the opportunity to be a company dancer with the Starbelly School of Dance.  She found her love of belly dance as a teenager through a community education program which helped her find her self-confidence and become the person she is today.  After too long of a hiatus from dance, she is ready to get back on stage and share her energy and charisma with audiences. Sara is thankful to be a part of such a talented and welcoming group of performers.



Please contact Cecilia or call 208.891.6609 for information about or to book the Starbelly Dancers for shows.